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Every 66 seconds, someone in the United States
develops Alzheimer’s disease.


With more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s, it’s becoming harder to find someone who hasn’t been touched by this disease. Here in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we have an estimated 144,000 individuals living with Alzheimer’s and almost 400,000 family and friends providing care for those individuals. We know when Alzheimer’s strikes that you can’t go through the journey alone, that is why we must all work together until we reach our vision of a world without Alzheimer’s.


Together, through the work of our staff, volunteers, advocates, event participants, community partnerships, corporate supporters and civic leaders, we’ve expanded our reach in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Together, we’ve evolved the way our communities support families by working closely with Dementia Friendly Community initiatives, increasing our partnerships with health care providers and insurers, and ensuring that our police, fire and first responders are trained to have effective interactions with those living with dementia. Together, with the help of our fundraising events, we have mobilized thousands of individuals to raise awareness and funds that directly benefit families impacted by Alzheimer’s in our communities while also contributing to groundbreaking research in our region and across the globe.


We are excited to share the work you’ve helped us accomplish together, thanks to
your generous support.


Faith Parker, Chair, Board of Directors
James Wessler, President & CEO


Our local Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter total revenues for FY17 (July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017) were $14,450,991. Total expenditures were $14,626,990 with 80% going directly to Alzheimer’s care, support, research, awareness and advocacy.

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Alzheimer's Care, Support, Awareness & Advocacy


Management & General

The Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter was proud to merge with other chapters across the United States into one unified and nationwide organization effective July 1, 2016. Due to the merger, audited financials are now released on a consolidated basis for the entire merged organization only. These most recent audited financial statements are available at alz.org/about_us_financial_report.asp. Local results are unaudited.

The Alzheimer’s Association exceeds relevant watchdog standards in its allocation of donor dollars. According to the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, nonprofit organizations should spend at least 65% of total expenses on program activities, with remaining funds going to administrative and fundraising expenses.


As the world’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research, we remain committed to serving
the 144,000 people living with Alzheimer’s in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. For the nearly 400,000 family and friends
caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or another dementia in our two states, we’re here to help you create a network of support.
The Alzheimer’s Association continues to lead the charge for greater public awareness and more advances in research. Through
the support of our generous donors, we’ve made significant progress. Our goal is to ensure no one faces Alzheimer’s or dementia
alone—and we won’t stop until we find a cure.


People reached through education programs, conferences & community outreach

Association trained support groups

Calls to the helpline

Care consultations provided to families at no cost

Health care professionals trained

Direct referrals from physicians, insurers & health care systems

Volunteers supporting our mission

Advocates taking action

Given to local researchers through our national grants program

One Day at a Time Hand in Hand

John and Christine Gallagher sit side by side in the home they built together at the end of a wooded road surrounded by beautiful gardens and the peaceful sounds of nature. It’s hard to ignore the connection between the two while sitting across from them, their love and warmth fill the space making you feel right at home.

Twenty-five years ago, John and Christine Gallagher met while working together with the Massachusetts Department of Education to develop the state’s curriculum and testing program. “We traveled to Worcester and Boston for training; then we went back to our respective school systems to try to bring about change,” Christine shares.

At the time they met, Christine was a special education teacher in New Bedford living close by in Dartmouth. John was living in Leominster where he had a long career as an educator in town. He started as a science teacher at the junior high school, moving on to teach biology at the high school where he eventually became Head of the Science Department before finishing his career as the Science District Coordinator for the city’s public school district.

“For seven years, we traveled back and forth one hundred miles just to see each other once or twice a week,” says John. Ready to settle into a home together after years of traveling, the Gallaghers built their North Dartmouth home fourteen years ago.

“For seven years, we traveled back and forth one hundred miles just to see each other once or twice a week,” says John. Ready to settle into a home together after years of traveling, the Gallaghers built their North Dartmouth home fourteen years ago. 

After the house was built, they spent time together planting every plant and flower to create a peaceful oasis for the couple and the neighboring wildlife to enjoy. In fact, within the walls of their home, you will find photos taken by John from right in their backyard. John, a passionate freelance photographer for years, has snapped award-winning photos of insects, flowers, birds, deer, fox, coyote and so much more, right in their backyard.

In September of 2012 on Christine’s birthday, the couple married, exchanging vows and celebrating their love right in their home. They were joined by friends and family, including John’s two sons and Christine’s two daughters from their previous marriages. Twenty years, thousands of miles traveled to get to that moment, and their journey as a family was just about to begin.

Today, the Gallagher’s home is decked out in purple in preparation for a fundraiser and celebration for the 2017 Southeastern Massachusetts Walk to End Alzheimer’s. They sit in front of a backdrop of numbered photographs taken by John in their backyard and through their travels together. These photos will be sold off to the highest bidder in a silent auction; all to support a cause that they never expected would become so close to their hearts when they met twenty-five years ago. 

Not too soon after the couple married, Christine and John’s son Tim began to notice a change in John’s memory. John noted it took him a while to realize the changes since his retirement, “at the time I dismissed that it had anything to do with a problem in my brain. As the time went on, I became more aware that perhaps something was going on.” 

“At first it was frustrating,” Christine acknowledges. “Our primary care physician thought John was fine after multiple tests with a neurologist. John’s son Tim, helped us to find Boston Center for Memory and they gave John an MRI, PET scan and numerous cognitive tests and family surveys.” In March of 2013, John was diagnosed with earlyonset Alzheimer’s. He was accepted into a clinical research study at Boston Center for Memory. John spent three and a half years in the study, and after its completion, he was accepted into a new research study that he still participates in today.

The Gallagher’s commitment to clinical trials stems from the relationships they’ve made with the staff at Boston Center for Memory, the ongoing care that John is receiving through monthly check-ups tracking his physical and cognitive abilities, the socialization the experience provides and their hope to make a change for future generations.

“We’re all about helping the future. The disease tied our hands, but that is not gonna stop us from living day to day and doing all we can to help out our future,” says Christine.

The couple admitted, in the beginning, they didn’t share John’s diagnosis with friends and extended family. John would always say he didn’t feel any different so why should he worry. In the meantime, Christine spent her nights scouring the Internet for any help and resources she could find, “I needed help. I would try to figure out what would make me feel better. Because if I could feel better, I could help John feel the best he could. That’s when I came across the Alzheimer’s Association, and the first thing I did was find a support group.”

Christine credits the Alzheimer’s Association, a local support group and a therapist knowledgeable in Alzheimer’s with providing the much-needed support she and John initially desired. In 2016, the Gallaghers registered for the Association’s Southeastern Massachusetts Walk to End Alzheimer’s in New Bedford. Christine and John attended the event with twenty-seven friends and family, “that is when we let everyone know about John’s diagnosis. We were overwhelmed, yet comforted by the support and respect we received at the Walk. It propelled us into becoming involved. Since then we have become very active advocates, and we’re happier people.”

Christine credits the Alzheimer’s Association, a local support group and a therapist knowledgeable in Alzheimer’s with providing the much-needed support she and John initially desired.

Since the Gallaghers first joined the Walk to End Alzheimer’s they’ve continued to take advantage of the various support, education and advocacy opportunities at the Association. They’ve called the 24/7 Helpline, attended Alz Meet Ups, talked with local legislators at the Massachusetts State House and kept up with the latest research by attending the Spring Research Forum and Simons Symposium.

In March of 2017, the couple traveled to Washington D.C. for the Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum where John addressed the crowd of 1,300 advocates from across the country, “I was very honored to represent Massachusetts. During those three days, I encouraged all to think positively about their future. Representatives from different states came up to my wife and I to thank us for what we had to say and hoped to invite us to visit their states. The support and respect we received made the Forum special for us.”

Alzheimer's Association - Gallagher Looking at Wall

“When you find out you have a debilitating disease, people don’t know what to say or what to do. But when you get together with people who have an understanding of it, that’s where you find respect. John is respected at Boston Center for Memory for what he does; he is respected at the State House cause he’s willing to speak; he’s respected when he goes to Washington D.C. The respect and support are encouraging.”

John continues to stay active in his passion for the cause and life. Over the last year, he has averaged 10 miles of walking a day, a feat he proudly shares. John has always been a golfer and continues to hit the links with his friends, leaving the golf cart behind to add to his daily miles. Finally, since the diagnosis, he and Christine have become travelers—visiting countries like Peru, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Africa and more.

Through the couple’s travels, they’ve seen ancient ruins and historical sites. They’ve immersed themselves in different cultures listening to the region’s music, enjoying the local cuisine and making friends along the way. As teachers, the Gallaghers have carried their passion to educate and connect along with them on their travels.

John reflects on a trip into the jungles of Thailand, “we knew they had schools there in the jungle. We collected pencils and supplies and brought them with us. The bus dropped us off, and we got into an area that was all surrounded by metal benches in the middle of the jungle. The kids came along, and we’re thinking ‘what will they be like?’ They came up and were hugging us by the arms, leaning into us, teaching us to play games. It was incredibly beautiful.”  


“It goes back to Alzheimer’s, even though Alzheimer’s is disastrous, it fine-tuned us back into making sure we’re doing things that are important to us.

Sitting with John and Christine, you can see the joy that they feel while John shares the stories of their travels. Before John’s diagnosis, Christine was always traveling with friends, while John was more likely to be found out in nature taking photographs or on the golf course with friends. Receiving the diagnosis made the couple focus on doing the things they’ve always talked about doing. 

“It goes back to Alzheimer’s, even though Alzheimer’s is disastrous, it fine-tuned us back into making sure we’re doing things that are important to us. And it just happens to help, and it makes us happy in general. It goes hand in hand. One day at a time, hand in hand,” says Christine. The Gallaghers credit their family, friends and the support network they’ve made along the way with making it this far in their journey with Alzheimer’s disease. Their philosophy in life is to stay active, healthy, connect with others and to stay positive.

“Thinking positive is big. The fact that this cause is moving in a positive direction and that we are involved with positive and caring people is an indication that this disease is on its way to be eliminated from the world,” John reflects. “If not in our lifetime, certainly in the lifetime of our loved ones to come.” “We don’t know where this disease will take us, or for how long this disease will cause turbulence in our lives. However, we do know that we will always seek the resources, people and friends that will help us in this journey,” says Christine. Reflecting on where they are today, Christine shares her advice as a care partner, “first, if you have any instinct that something is wrong, go with your instinct. Make sure you call the Alzheimer’s Association for guidance and help. Find a support group. Get into clinical trials if possible, the monthly appointments may seem bothersome, but the actual physical and mental care you get is worth it. Resources are important; there are books, there are people—every minute is learning, but not quitting. Get an elder care attorney, so that you can get your life and finances in order. Then… live the life you both deserve.”


At the edge of the Financial District in Boston sits a skyscraper at One Lincoln Street, also known as the State Street Financial Center. The building houses the corporate headquarters for State Street, and on the 30th floor you’ll find Jim Ross, Executive Vice President of State Street Global Advisors, Chairman of the Global SPDR Business and board member for the Alzheimer’s Association, Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter.

A Newton native, Ross joined State Street 25 years ago, moving into his executive leadership role in 2013. His growth with the company speaks volumes, and under his leadership, what has truly made an impact in the Alzheimer’s community began as a spark, “I was looking to get more involved with a nonprofit organization to support State Street’s goals of having its executive leaders support our community through engagement.”

As Jim began to research nonprofits, he came across the Alzheimer’s Association, “what impressed me immediately about the Alzheimer’s Association was the completeness of their mission. From their care and support to the promotion of brain health to reduce the risk of dementia and the depth of the research agenda. In addition to the mission, it’s the awareness they are bringing to this disease globally.”

“This cause is personal to me,” he reveals. “While our family debated whether my mother’s dementia was Alzheimer’s, in her later years there was no doubt there was a significant cognitive decline which was a challenge for us. But one of my first interactions with Alzheimer’s came thirty years ago when a good friend’s mother was diagnosed at the age of 52. My friend was in her early twenties— she and her family had no idea what to do.”

Reflecting back on that time Jim shares, “today I would have told them to reach out to the Alzheimer’s Association, they can help in many ways.”

In late 2014, Jim joined the Alzheimer’s Association’s Hope on the Harbor Executive Dinner
Committee. The committee fondly referred to Jim as “Rookie of the Year” as he worked to successfully engage his professional and personal network for the 2015 event.

As current Co-Chair of the Executive Dinner Committee, Jim is already gearing up for a successful sixth year next June, “I believe Hope on the Harbor is becoming one of Boston’s
preeminent charitable events. The cause resonates with so many that want to get involved.
Everyone I invite to the dinner leaves with more information about the disease and a much closer personal connection to the organization. I receive numerous thank you notes from participants thanking me for inviting them.”


Since his first meeting with the Executive Dinner Committee for Hope on the Harbor four years ago, Jim’s commitment to the Alzheimer’s Association has grown each year, and State Street continues to follow his lead, “when I got involved with the Alzheimer’s Association, State Street already had a Walk to End Alzheimer’s team and volunteers participating in the event.”

“ I believe Hope on the Harbor is becoming one of Boston’s preeminent charitable events.”

In 2012, Financial Analyst Joe Figler from State Street Bank and Trust in Quincy engaged the
help of the Disability Awareness Alliance (DAA), an employee resource group at State Street.
Through the DAA, Figler shared information about the Alzheimer’s Association with staff
connecting employees with support and resources from the Association while securing funds to be donated to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. In 2012, Figler started a team for the Greater Boston Walk to End Alzheimer’s, welcoming 13 participants who raised over $3,300 during their inaugural year. Each year, the company’s involvement in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s has continued to grow, “as I strategized with Joe, we decided to work on ways to improve
State Street’s overall participation, both in the number of walkers and volunteers and in
fundraising. We decided to launch a competition for the 2016 Walk, challenging various divisions of State Street to participate.”


And it worked. Last Fall State Street had their largest presence yet, welcoming 90 participants and 35 volunteers, “since 2012, State Street’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s team has engaged 178 participants and raised over $70,000.”

In 2017, along with moving up to Co-Chair of the Hope on the Harbor Executive Dinner Committee, he was able to secure funding to support the Chapter’s 2017 “Normal Until it’s Not” public awareness campaign.

What started as a spark, has ignited a coordinated effort at State Street to fully support the Alzheimer’s Association’s mission, vision and goals with Jim Ross at the helm, “I believe that State Street benefits greatly from its relationship with the Alzheimer’s Association. From the employee engagement we get from the Walk which is incredible, to the overall support we get across the organization through the State Street Disability Awareness Alliance. We leverage the relationship to ensure our employees know there is help they can turn to if this disease impacts them. That being said, I do believe there is more we can do together.”



We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for their generous support of $250 or more during our fiscal year (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017). Together, you are fueling our mission through your dedication and donations.


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Louis M. BellPamela DeardenSuzanne B. Haggerty & Sean P. DormadyAmy LuskinJames PellegrinePeter Squires
Michael & Cheryl BellevilleMichele I. Debatis-KillionKarla HailerAustin T. LydonJohn A. & Marcia PelliMr. & Mrs. Biria St. John
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Hal R. BelodoffPatricia DebiasiCarol M. HaleyChristopher R. & Maria E. LynchEric & Pattie PenceDavid Stachura
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Wendy Ben-DavidKatherine Dee UpdegroveRobert & Susan HalkyardScott LynchMargaret PennieAndrew Stager
Kara E. BenderDr. & Mrs. Michael Deener-AgusAlice N. HallBrenda LyonsDeidre O. & Louis P. PepiJoseph Stanewick
Nancy Z. BenderAlba DeFazio-Binney & Edward A. BinneyJean E. & Henry HallJames M. LyonsCarlos PereiraNaomi B. Stanley
Barbara H. BengtsonPaul DeFronzoJim & Deb HallKatherine LyonsMichael J. PerrottaConcepta Stapleton
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Pamela & Phillip BenkertAnna DelegasSandra HallThomas & Mary LyonsJerilyn L. PerryBarrett F. State-Senate
Richard & Claudia BennettMaggie DeLeoTania HallScott & Jo LyskoMr. & Mrs. Thomas C. PerrySuzanne Steele
David & Penny BensonArianne & Kenneth DellovoMary Beth HallinanDouglas MacauleyRaymond PerryRhonda & Gary Steenbruggen
Irene & Eric BensonJames DeLucaStephan A. & Amy HalloranCraig MacDonaldStephanie PerryLisa Steere
Marguerite BensonDyann DelvecchioMary Halpin & Daniel ParentHector MacDonaldTimothy & Greta PerryMarcy Stefura
Martha L. BensonJoseph DemartinoBrian HamiltonJoan F. MacdonaldRobert PersonsMarlene Steger
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Grace BenvenisteFred deNapoliDiana HammerWendy & Lane MacDonaldR. Norman PetersTom & Karen Stein
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Wendy & Timothy BergenShirley DenkerIrene A. Hammer-Mclaughlin & Michael MclaughlinAlice R. & Peter B. MachinistElaine PetersenHilary Steinert
Debbie BergerMaud DenticoLinda Hammett OryStephanie MacholtzHerbert PetersonKristen Stella
Buddy BergeronDavid & Pam DenyseMichael HammondBarbara MaciejewskiJoseph PetersonBeth Stentiford
Kathryn BergquistNatalie DenyseJohn HancockPatricia MackinThomas PetersonLilian Stern
Robert BergquistDeborah DePrattiSarah HancockBarbara MacKinnonStefan PetrellaJanet Stevens
Patience B. BerkmanDaniel A. DernPaula HandRenate MacLarenJoan PetrowskyJean B. & Bayne Stevenson
Harriet BerkowitzRobert & Shirley DerrahRatti HandaD. J. MacLeanPhyllis A. PetruzzielloCheryl Steward
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Jann BermanPaul DesistoKevin M. HanleyAllison MacLellanPatricia PettaGlenn Stewart
Gary BernatGregory DesmaraisJune L. HanlonB. MacnairSteven C. PettengillKathryn Stientjes
Sheri BernsteinPatricia DesmondAnn HanlyDarlene MacpheeStephen & Christine PettineGayle Stinson
James BerryDebra L. DesrosiersSamuel HanmerJames I. MacwilliamJoe PettirossiKathleen Stinson
Donna & Henry BertolonLisa DettmerShayne HannemannDavid MaddenVince PettograssoDawn Stitzel
Veronica BesanconLisa DettweilerTimothy HanniganJohn MaddenRubin & Mara PfefferJoan A. Stockard
Darryl BethelDavid DeutschSteven HansenGeriann Madore DumasSacha PfeuferStephanie Stockwell
David BetournayCarole DevineBruce HaratyJohn Madrid & Nancy MadridMadeline PhelpsSusan Stogel
Harvin Louis & Rita BetournayMichael DevinePaula A. HarbeckeBrian & Lisa MaffioliSusan E. Phelps & Robert W. AdamsPoteet & Scott Stolte
Donald C. BettencourtThomas A. DevineBenjamin T. HarcovitzClare MaguireRoger PhilbrickLorna Stone
Jessica BettencourtCheryl Devin-MccoleCharles HardingMichael & Mike MaguireCarl M. PhilbrookScott Stone
Richard BettencourtMichael DeVoeJanet HardyMike & Amy MaguireNancy & Barry PhilbrookSheila Strack
Peter BettsPatricia M. DeVoeAllison HargreavesKate MaharRonald PicarielloTom Streep
James BeveridgeThomas DeweeseAmy & Keith HarleyMichael F. MaherJohn PiccioneThe Strong Family
Carl BeverlyLinda DeyakMaureen HarmonCharles MahoneyRichard PichetteElaine Strout-Clements
Jack BibasLucille Di BenedettoBenoit HarriganFrancis MahoneyCynthia PickardDavid & Marcy Stuart
Christina BieverJames DiantgikisJames W. HarrillPeter & Mary MahoneyJames & Megan PicketteMartha Stuart
John BiggioMark DiasPeter HarringThomas MahoneyTim PicketteMarlena Sturtevant
Daniel M M. BilakRobert DiBonaCatherine & Daniel HarringtonDavid & Maryann MahoodArthur S. PierPaul S. Sughrue
Frank A. BilottaBrad C. DickersonElizabeth HarringtonKenneth & Ralph Maider, Jr.James PierceNam Suh
Robert S. BirchDavid & Mary DickersonEllen HarringtonAnne MakalouMark PietkiewiczAnn T. Sullivan
Russel BirdseyDon & Anita DickinsonJeremiah J. HarringtonGavin MalenfantColleen PietrobonoBenjamin Sullivan
Marvin A. & Ellen BirenLance DickinsonNancy T. HarringtonMatthew MallenMichelle PinkhamCarolyn & Patrick Sullivan
The Family of Agnes BirminghamEileen & David DicksMichael HarringtonMr. & Mrs. J. J. MalonePatricia E. & Mr. & Mrs. Daniel PiresDenise M. Sullivan
Susan BirseDianne M. DicksonChavalette HarrisRobin & Richard MaltzHannah PlaskerGary Sullivan
Mei BisaillonLinda DicksonDenise E. HartwellJane Mancini PuliaficoDavid PlattGladys M. & R. Sullivan
George D. BisbeePeter DicksonJamie HartwrightDouglas MancoshTrudie PleissJane B. Sullivan
Anthony BisegnaSue & Bowen DieterleFredrica A. & Rickie HarveyDhansukhlal MandalaywalaLaurence PlourdeJeanne M. Sullivan
Colvin BishopNancy DigeserSarah HarwoodKaren & Joseph ManducaMark PlourdeKathleen A. Sullivan
Pattie & Peter BishopJoseph & Bernadette DiGiovanniMichael HatchChristine & Steve ManfrediAbigail PogrebinKevin Sullivan
Joseph & Doreen BisognanoPatricia A. DiguetteBetsy HatfieldColleen ManfrediWillard & Donna PoiresMiriam Sullivan
Andrew BlackStephen DiguetteMr. & Mrs. Carl HatfieldJames ManhartBrian PoirierPatrick Sullivan
William BlaineSara DillinghamKirk L. HaumanPeter J. ManiatisMarion & David PollockPaula & Robert Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin BlaisCraig DillonJeffrey HawkinsRebecca ManikianEd PomeroyPhilip & Wilma Sullivan
Robert BlaisEileen M. DillonNandini HawleyHarry ManionHannah PongRaymond M. Sullivan
Robert M. BlaisDavid DiLorenzoSherry HaydockLois H. MannDebbie Mendelson PonnStacey Sullivan
John BlaisdellThomas & Rinaldo DiLoretoChris HayesNicholas MannEarl PontiusStephanie Sullivan
Mark BlaisdellChristine M. DimartinoCatherine Hayes-DuffeyMr. & Mrs. Bruce ManningJennifer PoorSue Sullivan
Kevin & Patricia BlakeMarcy & John DimuzioJames P. HaynieDeran ManoukianLarry PopeLee R. Supper
Chris BlanchardSusan & Len DiNoiaJames HayterJan ManwaringR. Robert PopeoRoxanne Suprina
Eileen M. BlanchardMatt & Lisa J. DinolaRoss L. HealdJohn ManzoLynne T. PorfiriStacy Surrette
George A. BlancoMarilyn E. DiorioMarie & Allie HealeyEleanor & Ellie F. MappsAlexis PorrasFrank Suszynski
Eric & Robin BlankAngela P. DirksenKathleen M. HealyAnthony MaragC A. PortMr. & Mrs. Andrew V. Sutherland
Chris BlauThomas DixonBlair HeaveyEric J. MarandettDeborah Z. PorterMichael Sutphin
Maurice C. BlausteinSteve DiyleRyan HeaveyNicole MaranhasLance L. PorterAndrew Swanson
Jennifer BlayDamien DmitrukEnid & Jerry HeberleinKimberly MarascaRick PorterKenneth H Swanson
Scott BleczinskiDaniel DobinDaniel & Mary Ellen HeffernanChristine MarchandTurner PorterMichael Swanson
Rachel BlitzblauDavid & Sonia DobsonDebra L. HeffernanPeter MarchandRobin Y. & Gordon PostillTodd Sweetland
J.Gerson Bloch & Camellia BlochStephen J. DockeryNicole HeffernanRichard B. MarcotteSanine H. PotemriKurt M. Swenson
Kenneth E. BlodgettJill S. DockingBetty A. HeganDiane MarcouJean PothierJohn Sweny
Brian BlomerthTimothy & Lisa DodmanJacqueline HegerCharles MarcousRick & Jean PotterAllen B. Swerdlick
Andy BlumDavid DohertyCarol HeinemanBeth MarcusDavid & Lisa PottsEric E. Swidey
Robert BoardmanEdward DohertySamara HelfmanMartin MarcusSusan PoulinMaggie Swift
Joshua BockGail & Brian DohertyRichard HelieMichael MarenAndrew F. Powell, Sr.Diane Swint
D. J. BodinJoseph & Jennifer DohertyJanet HelmsDeborah M. MarengiBrian PowerDamon Swope
Etienne BoillotJudith M. DohertyChristopher HenesBarry W. MargolinMr. & Mrs. Michael K. PowersLisa Sylvia
Michele L. BokunMr. & Mrs. Raymond DohertyPaula & Rob HennemuthMary Ellen MargosianLauren PrattTabell Family
Nelson E. & Alice BolenRobert DohertyRobert HenryDaniel & Mazal MariaschinRosalie PrattKenneth Tabor
Paul BolgerJ. & Janice A. DolanDiana HerbertGeri MarinoJames M. PrendergastJoseph & Rosemarie Tagliente
Joseph BondiCarol J. DoleacJane HerbertSusan MarinoMark PrendergastHichame Tagzine
Alice BonnerMilos DolnikMr. & Mrs. Scott K. HerbertKathleen MarkhamWilliam PrendergastMichael Tamasi
Robert BonnerDJ DonahueJesse & Leslie HergertRichard A. Marks & Jennifer MorrisonSuzanne H. PrescottJulie Tammi
Elizabeth BonneyDouglas & Susan DonahueSue HeringBill MarlowAnn H. PrestonEliza Tan
Eli BookmanDuncan DonahueJim HerlihyJeffrey MarloweDavid PrestonRoger H. Tancrell
Jonathan BordeauCelia DonatioCraig HermanKimberly A. MarquesJeremy PriceTanya Tanimoto
Steven E. BorgesonMr. & Mrs. David R. DonmoyerAnna HernandezMaria N. MarquesPaula & Michael PriceAndrew Tappe
Andrew & Jennifer BorggaardGary D. DonnellyHoward R. HernandezLinda Marsh & Esther GutierrezRoland PriceBarbara A. Tarrh
Mr. & Mrs. Grove R. BorgmannKristine & Kevin DonnellyJanet M. HernonBarbara MarshallJeff PrindleLisa Tarricone
Don M. BorosonMartin DonohueGeraldine & Jill HeroldClifford MarshallElizabeth J. PrinsCarol Taylor
Tullio & Cecil BorriElizabeth E. DonovanJeannette HerrmannDenise & Howard MarshallJason PritchettJanet Taylor
Peggy E. BoruckiJames & Barbara DonovanPhyllis R. HerschEileen MarshallChristopher ProbynRichard Taylor
Cathy BoskeyPatricia DonovanNancy & Fred HerseyGordon MarshallMark ProkowiewBobby Tchaprazian
Katrine BosleyPatrick DonovanKelly M. HertelPeter MarszalekJay ProsnitzRMS Omega Technologies
Mario BotelhoGregg DoolingVictor & Danielle HerzbergLisa MartelliJoseph ProulxForrest Teel
Bob BothfeldAnna DorceyMeagan HetnarSandro MartignettiMichael R. ProvostRichard Teller
Jennifer BotterEric V. DormanNancy S. HeymannAudrey MartinJeanne PryorJulie Tempesta
Solomon BoucaiVivian P. DorselDavid & Marhnelle HibbardDolores MartinDiana C. PullinMargaret Tempesta
Geraldine & William BouchardLewis V. DorseyMichael & Cynthia HickeyGemma & David MartinCharlene W. PuzzoDavid J. Temple & Ellen J. McDonnell
Eugene BoucherSandra DotyRuth Ann HickeyJohn & Nancy MartinKevin J. QuackenbushBruce S. Ten Eyck
Gerard R. BoucherElizabeth M. & Jeffrey DoubravaDean HickmanKathleen MartinDavid C. QuadeJohn & Susan & John Terzakis
Bob & Karen BoudreauPaula & James DoucetGrant E. HicksLawrence A. Martin, Jr.Lisa QuagliaGerry Tessier
Robert BoudrowDan DoucetteLisa HigginsMr. & Mrs. Ronald A. MartinJanet & Ron QuigleyJoel Testarmata
Ryan BoughanNadine DoucetteMichele HigginsScott MartinMichael QuinlanNancy Teti
Ronald & Jeannine BoulangerBarbara DouglasMr. & Mrs. Timothy HigginsJoseph MartinelliKim QuinlivanDave Theran
Mariantonia BoulayKenneth DouglasTheodre HigginsElaine Y. MartinoIan QuinnPaul & Mary Lou Thie
Jason BourneLinda A. DouglasJill HilbertMrs. M.J. Martinson-AlexanderJoseph QuinnRichard F. Thoburn
Richard BovePaul DouglasLinda S. & David A. Hill, Jr.Edward MarutJanet QuintyDenise Thomas
Nicole BowenYolanda DouglassPhyllis HillSusan MarxKerry QuirkeJane Thomas
John F. BowesRichard G. & Carol C. DoveJames M. HillcoatNoelle MarzulloChristine L. QuistbergMichael Thomas
Wayne BowlerJohn J. DowdBrenda HiltzWilliam MashburnBruce D. RaboinPam Thomas
Gregory BowneJohn J. DowlingTara HimmelMatthew MasielloRichard RaczkowskiPhillip Thomas
Linda L. BoydenDavid DowneyBrian & Kathy HinesMelinda MasonMala M. RafikSharon Thomas
Deirdre BoyleLynda DowneyHarry N. HintlianMichael MasonMarcia RafteryAgnes M. Thompson
Leo V. & Anne BoyleBarbara A. DoyleDenise F. HitchcockKelly MassicotteAlicia & Michele RagoChris & Rebecca Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin BraileyKathleen B. DoyleDavid HodgdonSteven MassicotteEmil & Martha RagonesGeraldine Thompson
Tamara L. BranchMarion DoyleJohn & Carolyn HodgesNorman MassryJohn RahkonenJoan J. Thompson
Brion BrandesMichael DoyleMichael HodinGeorge MastorasPhilip RainvilleJulie & Roy Thompson
James BrascoSailynn M. DoyleGary HodlinWillow MastromatteoStephanie RakesNancy & W. W. Thompson
Carol V. BraymanSusan DoyleRichard HoehnLorraine MastropieriDena RakoffKaren Thomsen
Canaan BreenCarolyn E. DrakeAbigail HoffmanNancy H. MathesBeth RakouskasDavid Thomson
Eric & Kathleen BrehmSubra DravidaGordon HoffsteinA. P. MatioskaMr. & Mrs. Donald RalphCharles Thorne
Barbara BreitwieserJoan DrellesRichard & Beverly HoffsteinJanice MatsonJonathan RamDavid R. Thornton
Carol C. & Christopher BrennanMr. & Mrs. David Drinkwater & Ms. Mary E. DrinkwaterToni HoganThomas MatteSreenivas RamanJudith B. Thurlow
David R. BrennanFrances DriscollMartha HoldenGlenda MattesKaren RaneyRachel E. Tierney
Jim BrennanMichael DriscollShelley M. HoldenAlasdair MatthewsRichard RantiRichard D. Tierney
Nicole A. BrennanTimmy DriscollBarbara HolgersonRichard MauceriJohn RapoTimothy M. Tierney
Patricia A. BrennanDeirdra LemoineDeborah HollandJill MavroHoward & Susan RashbaJohn M. Tinios
Patricia M. BrennanDiane M. DrobiaChris & Bob HollingsworthCharles S. MayhewElissa RasmussenPatricia Tobin
Peter BrennanNancy DubeChris HolmesMichael MaynardRocky & Deb RauschGordon Todd
Molly BrennerJudy DuBoisHerbert & Lois HolmesCharles J. MazzaKatharine B. RayWilliam Todd
David BrenninkmeyerKerry DuboisRoger Holmes, Sr.John MazzarellaLois & Donald RaySallyann Tomarchio
Barbara S. BrentonRichard R. DuboisJohn HolseyChristopher McAllisterGeorge B. Raymond & Ada Harcourt HastingsJames H. Toms
Susan BreslinJeff DubruleKaren HoosickJames Mc CabeJulie RaymondBarbara Ton Ferullo
Maureen BresnahanJohn DuckSharon HooverRobert MccabeMarilyn J. RaynardPaul Toomey
Steve BrewerEmily & Gerald DudekDebra M. HopkinsTerri McCaghCaitlyn RazzanoAlice Torre
Ellen BrezniakJoanne DudekJohn HopkinsCarol & Dennis McCahonSarah ReadMiriam Torres
Cheryl Bricker CiampaEmily DuffyKristin HopkinsAnne McCallKen Read-BrownRoger Tougas
Russell BriggsMichaela DuffyJames M. HoranChristopher J. McCallJulia Reade & Rob DuncanDaniel B. Tracey
David R. BrittonPeter D. DuffyDr. & Mrs. Francis D. Horrigan & Donna HorriganMatthew B. McCallHonora ReardonAnne Trafton
Paul BrockW.J. Duke DufresneJames M. HorvathKim R. MccantKenneth M. ReardonKen Trail
James BrockelmanMr. & Mrs. Dionysius G. DulchinosTracey HosfordJohn MccarthyJoyce B. ReathRaymond & Linda Trant
Oren BrodyGeriann DumasMary HosmanKaren McCarthyTheresa ReddishElizabeth Traphagen
Kathleen P. BrollyAndrew & Cynthia DunbergAutumn HotalingLori McCarthyTom ReedEsther Travers
Kathy & John BrollySamuel H. DuncanEdward HoughMark C. MccarthyPatricia & ReeserPeter Travers
Mary & Kelsey BronskiDaniel L. DunnJames HoughtonNicole MccarthyEmma ReevePatricia Trebino
Marilyn T. BronziJeffrey DunnCharles J. HousmanPhillip McCarthyHannah ReevesBrian & Mary Trelease
Alicia Brooks & Jerry BrooksJim DunnTimothy P. HoutenJohn & Joanne McClungLydia ReevesJean Tremblay
Deborah BrooksMark DunnCraig HovdaAmanda J. McCormackCathie ReganMelissa A. Tremblay
Mark BrophyWilliam DunningMary HovenDaniel McCormackJohn ReganRonald E. Tremblay
Deborah BrosnanJennifer DupreRobert HoveyPatty MccormackStephen J. RegerSara Tremblay
Christopher D. BrownJohn L. DuprePatrick & Emilia HowardTrevor McCourtRobert ReidThalia Tringo
Elaine & Garth BrownSteohen DupreyHelen J. Hower & Colin LanzlPatricia MccowanPaul N. ReifenbergKatharine E. Troast
Heather BrownKaren A. DurantePatricia HowesTara McCreeryDianne & Tom ReillyJoel Trojan
Jay BrownErin DuttonJames C. HoytKaren A. McCulleyKathy ReillyWhitney Tropeano
Margaret BrownScott DwelleyJennifer & Jonathan HoytJoan McCulloughMike ReillyBob D. Trostel
Nicole T. BrownTammy C. DwellyXiao-Ying HuaJohn McdevittMr. & Mrs. John E. ReillyNicholas Trudeau
Sally S. BrownBrian & Maryellen DwyerJohn & Carol HubbardSusan & James McdevittLinda L. Reim & Rosemary C. McKennaNick Tsapatsaris
Stuart R. BrownGreg & Alexis DwyerJohn P. & Celine T. HubbardMarnie L. McDonaghRichard ReimersPhelma Tu
Theresa BrownPaul & Beth DwyerAmy HughesCarol McDonaldCarol Reinhardt & FamilyGreg Tucker
David A. BryantCaroline DynanJeff HughesMaura McDonaldMaria & Robert ReismanKathleen A Tucker
Haldon BryerKaren EaganKathleen HughesKathleen McdonnellHolly RennerJessica Tufts
Steven BucchianeriMelissa EastlandMatthew HughesJanet McDonoughMelinda RenoCarol Tully
Seta A. BuchterHugh EatonMr. & Mrs. Clifford T. HughesTara McDonoughSuzanna ResendesElona Tuomi
Todd & Judy BuckBrenda EavesSharon E. HughesTerence McDonoughJames ReulbachEdward W. Turcotte
Casey BuckleyRobert EberhartTimothy K. HughesSarah & Martin McEvoyBarbara RevilleMonica Turcotte
James BuckleyJames Boyer EbertWilliam HughesMichelle McGaddenLilli ReySarah Turcotte
John BuckleyDawn M. EddyDaniel HulykMr. & Mrs. Richard B. McGauleyDaniel ReyesVicki Turner
Lawrence BudreauJohn EderAlice HunterJeff McGeathKelly ReyngoldGeorge Twitchell
Robert C. BuellBrandon EdgerlyCatherine HunterEdward McGeheeJanice & Robert ReynoldsPatrick Twomey
Christine BufaliniFrazor T. EdmondsonRichard HurdKristina McgillLinda ReynoldsCharles Uglietto
Chris BugerBarbara E. EganP. Daniel HurleyJay McgillenPamela ReynoldsClaire Umanzio
Jon & Joanna BuhlTimothy & Kathy EganC. A. HurrayKaren McginnChris RhinesmithMark Underkofler
Kimberly BulloughEvan EggersHarvey HurvitzFred & Diane McGoldrickJason RhodesEdward Ungemach
Jennifer BuonopaneTheresa B. EichhornScott HutchensLaura McGonagleTravis & Rachel RhodesRobert Urbani
Leah BurdettAndy EickCara M. HutchinsLisa McGovernPaulina RibadeneyraJoseph Usher
Evan BurgessLaura J. EldridgeEarl & Cornelia HuttJames McGrathPhilip RicciAkshay Vaishnaw
Robert BurgessSusan EleftherakisMarian F. HyderMichael E. McGrathJames RicciardiPeter K. Valade
Karen BurkDavid EllisRobert A. & Or M. HylandPeter & Carol McgrathGregory RicePaul Valante
Barry BurkeJames EllisCeleste HynesW. Tod & Mimi McGrathPaul RichardVictoria Valenti
Christine BurkeMelissa L. EllisRichard IandoliEdward McGuigganRichard & LucasCamille Valentine
James BurkeBeth Ellis SheppardLinda IannazzoJohn McguireDaniel J. RichardsJohn Valentino
John BurkeCarlton W. EllmsChristopher IannellaKevin & Kathryn McGuirkJeffrey RichardsJill Valerio-Laine
Matthew BurkeJohn ElmsChristopher IannellaStephen McgurlBrad RichardsonJohn & Kathleen Valickus
Ted BurkeCarol EmbreeJoseph A. IbimboShaun & Beth McHughFontaine & Judith RichardsonJohn A. Van Huyck
Tef BurkeWilliam J. EmersonNasrien IbrahimSandy McKeenJames RichardsonWilliam Vanca
Thomas BurkeJacqueline EndykeJanine IdelsonAndrew MckennaSusan J. RichardsonJames Vanderbaan, Jr.
Jacqueline BurkettLarry EngelCarol A. ImposimatoRobert J. & Anne MckennaDean RichlinMelissa L. Vanderbaan
Tom BurnettRobert EngelScot IndermuehleSean & Ann-Marie McKennaKimberly A. RichlinLaura Vanderhill
Jacqueline F. BurnsAaron EnrightBrenda InmanJames MckeownE.J. RichterPeter Vaream
James BurnsMatthew EnrightAlbert InnarelliCinda Mc KinneyMatthew RidgeHelen G. Vaudreuil
Lisa S. BurnsSamantha EnrightLorraine InnesDiane McLaughlinChristopher V. RielDr. & Mrs. Thomas Vaughan
Michael T. BurnsLinda EpsteinSusan & Mike IodiceEileen P. MclaughlinJudith H. RiemenschneiderMr. Alden Vaughan
Kimberly BurrsMichael & Barbara E. EpsteinAlan A. IoffredoMarlaine E. McleanSandra RikkersSarinah Vaughn
Michelle BurtchellSara & Fred EpsteinValerie IrelandWilliam McManusAnn T. Riley & Mr. & Mrs. David W. RileyGeorge M. Vazquez
Elizabeth BurtonSusan Erdos & Mark AlimanskyPaul J. IronsideCatherine McMenimonBarbara M. RileyZoe & John Veasey
Allison BurwinJoanne EricksonRobert L. IrvineJudith R. McNamaraJoshua RileyFlorence M. Veber
Donna BusaKarin EricsonSarah P. IsaacsSasha McnamaraThomas RileyLouise R. & Lawrence R. Velvel
Michael BusnachRobert ErmanskiDavid IsslerJon McNeillHolly RillingEd & Jill Venckauskas
Alan ButlerCraig & Christine EspenhainElaine IvesterLoretta D. McqueenDavid B. RingPatricia Venti
Joan M. ButlerCatherine EspositoRobert IzzoJames McSherryJohn & Charlotte RingMark & Donna Ventura
Lynn M. ButlerScott EstabrooksSuzanne JachinonskiCarol H. McSweeneySteven B. RischKerrie Vercant Underhill & William Underhill
Paul & Mary ButlerErin EstepMichael JackmanElizabeth L. McvittiePhilippe RispoliMeredith Verdone
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce ByorkmanKatie EstesCorey & Sarah JacksonStephen & Laetitia MeadGary RitterMichael Vernazza
Harry ByrdSteve EstesDeborah P. JacksonPhyllis & Jeff MeadeAdoracion & Mariano RivasCarmelo L. Verruso
Allan ByrneGregory & Barbara EsteyJames JacksonFelice P. MeadowBeverly RiversGerard Verweij
Betsy ByrneV.P. EstonJudy JacksonMark & Roberta MeadsTherese RizkMaureen & Steve Vibert
Karen B. ByrneJessica L. EthierMichael JacksonChris & Janine MedeirosMike & Maryanne RizzoElaine Viebranz
Kevin ByrneMichael EvangelousRuth JacksonJoseph F. MedeirosKristen A. RoacheErin Vieira
Beth BythrowDonald J. EvansWilliam JacksonDaisy E. MediciWarren A. RoarkFernanda Vierra
Diane CabelliElizabeth EvansWendy JacobsenBarbara A. MeehanKelli RobargeVissia Viglietta
Dennis CabralRhonda EvansPaul R. JacobyMary MeeliaAmanda RobbinsSusan E. Vik
Maria CabralJacy EverettAnthony & Nancy JagodnikMegaro FamilyJeff RobbinsCindy Vincent
Mr. & Mrs. Edward CahillRaymond EversPaul & Beth JakubowskiBryan MehrmannRoland A. RobergeSuzanne Virnelli
Paul Cahill, Jr.Jennifer EwingFrancis M. JamesBarbara MeikleDanny RobertSalvatore Viscariello
Grace & Diane CaianiElizabeth Howe FaberDr. Janet Jankowiak & Mr. Michael JankowiakElizabeth MeindlRita RobertoCalvin Vogel
Patricia A. CainJoseph W. FaganRobert J. JantosLara MeisnerLowell E. RobinsonLaura Volin
Marie CalabraroConrad C. FagoneMaribeth & M.B. JarosikMaureen E. MeletisSusan RobinsonDoug & Linda Von Iderstein
Diane O. CallJohn FaheyPatricia Jarosz-AldingerJoseph MeliEdward RocheAlice Wadden
Christopher CallahanJohn FahyCostikyan JarvisSonia MeloSuzanne RochePat Wade
Gail F. CallahanStuart FalberClifton JayAnne & Diana MelvinRonda RockettTerri L. Wade
Lorraine CallahanFred FalconeGeorge JedlinJeffrey & Beth MendelJonathan RodinAimee Wagstaff
Maureen CallahanJennifer FalconeDonna A. JeffersPeter MendesJaimi RodriguezNancy Wahl
Robin E. CallahanLinda FaldettaMary JeftsKristi & Jeffrey MendozaFrederick RoeschBrian Walker
Dianne CamaraGeorge & Mildred FalkDiane JensenGarrett MenghiniLisa & Mark RogersCandace Walker
Patricia CameronMichael FallonJim JesseeJoseph & Roberta MenzinNancy RogersJanice Walker
Liz CampanellAnn Marie FalterBradford & Penny JettSam MerabiJessica RogersonKathleen Walker
Gilbert & Marilyn CampbellCharles FanarasJohanna JobinGino MercadanteStephanie RohrdanzRobert S. Walker
Jean CampbellMike FanningAl & Pat JohnsonDouglas MercurioKathleen RollingsSami Walker
Linda CampbellPaula M. FareseAnnette JohnsonMatt MercurioHenry RomanJim Wallace
Reid CampbellErnest & Margaret FarleyBrett JohnsonTom MerrittMichael RomanLaura & Stephen Wallace
Peter CampotSean & Tamara FarleyFrancena M. JohnsonJoan Merritt KrausLynne RomboliPaula Waller
John CannonDonna & John FarrellyJoan H. JohnsonPhillip MessinaJoan RomeAndrea Wallis
Brian CanovaBrian & Debra FarreyMark JohnsonDonna & Nicholas MetaxasPaul RomitoCharles E. Wallis
James CanovaDavid FarreyMr. & Mrs. D. A. JohnsonMurray MetcalfeTimothy RooneyAnn Walsh
Ronald & Gisela CanovaMargaret & Mike FarreyPeter JohnsonGeorge & Nancy MetzeMrs. Peter RoosBill Walsh
Charles CantaveJoan W. FasslerRobert JohnsonHelen MeyrowitzJames & Ann RooseveltCindy J. Walsh
Arthur A. CanterDana FaulknerSandra Ann JohnsonDavid MezzanotteToby & Charles RooverRichard R. Walters
Christina M. CantyNancy & Kim FaulknerWilliam JohnsonVincent J. MicaleMichelle F. RoscoeBarbara Wan
Donald CantyNancy W. FaulknerBrian & Webster JohnstonDavid MichalakHerman H. RoseWillis Wang
Paula CaouetteGeroge FazioJoanne & Paul C. JohnstonHeather MickoolHoward RoseDonna Ward
Caroline F. CapachinDan & Sharyn FeeneyMr. & Mrs. Gregory J. JonasMaria MiduraJennifer RoseHarry Ward
Robert CaparellaSheila D. FeeneyAllyn & Susan JonesDoug MilesElizabeth RosenLaurence Ward
David CaplanLaura FeigeDavid P. JordanRobert MilkovichGary RosenSeth & Penny Ward
Jeffrey CaplanMichelle FeinbergJohn JosephBrooke MillerCynthia RosenbergDawne E. Ware
Richard E. CapolupoWilliam FelsLee JosephPeter MillerDavid RosenbergPeter Warecki
Michael CappellanoJoseph & Phyllis FelserMarietta B. JosephVirgina & Va MillerJohn C. RosenbergWilliam Warfel
Rebecca CarazzaSusan E. FenlonRoger P. JosephPamela A. Milligan & Richard A. Henige, Jr.Robert RosenbergBillie-Jo Warrick
Ashley CarbonneauJohn FennellLinda JosephsonAndrew MillsWilliam & Sandi RosenfeldMatthew Wasdyke
Eileen CarewNancy & Donna FennellyAlexis JoyceRobert MillsJudi & Bill RosensweigSybil Watson
Michael CareyDavid FeraceErin JoyceAndrea MillyanAndrea J. RosenthalMolly Waugh
Katherine & Armand CarignanDavid FerminoCheryl A. JuddJ. G. MilmoeDavid RosenthalJeffrey Waxman
Kenneth A. CarlsonJose FernandesGretchen H. JuddAnne MilneLinda RosenthallDoug Waybright
Lisa Carlson-Perkins & Glenn PerkinsVictor FernandesJan JurdenMr. & Mrs. Robert A. MilneAlan W. RossJohn Wayne
John CarlstromMurilo FerreiraCarol A. JusticPaula MiltenbergerAnn & Rick RossJanice L. Weber
Stephanie CarnahanDavid FerrieroSusan JustmanJorge MineraDavid D. RossRobert Weber
Kimberly CarnelloJoanne FerryCarl E. KaestnerErnest MingusJanet & Charlie RossRosalie Weber
Jeffrey CarneyRobert FerulloDavid KaiserLiliana MirescuJeanne RossRobert E. Webster
Linda CarpenoBruce A. & Lucia FieldElizabeth KaiserElizabeth MisasiJessica RossRobert Webster
Dan CarpenterMarguerite FifieldTrisha KalifAllen MitchellMona RossFred & Kathleen Wedemeyer
John & Susan CarpenterPaul FilipskiNeill KalvinDarcy B. MitchellPeter B. RotchSinclair Weeks
Randy Carpenter & Lynn BabingtonDorothea FilosiLisa G. KaminskyHugh & Sarah MitchellAaron M. RothMichael Weiermiller
Timothy CarpenterRichard FinckBruce KanePaul MitchellAlice RothMr. & Mrs. Marc Weinberger
Nancy CarrMr. & Mrs. Keith FinkralDarlene KaneJamie & Laurie MitchesonSam RothenbergStephen B. Weiner
Phil CarrBruce FinlayEileen M. KaneElaine S. Mittell & Douglas M. PoutasseLisa RothmanTreacy A. Weiner
Thomas CarrKevin F. FinnJames KaneAmy & Aaron MittelmanConcetta RotondoJerome Weinstein
William M. CarrJohn FinneyKelly KaneLynn & Neil MiznerCathleen RoughanStephen Weinstein
Mary C. CarrieriRichard FinocchioKerryn KaneDavid MochiCarol & Nony RouleauCarol Weintraub
Anita CarrollLisa FinstonAlan KaplanJoanna S. MocklerEmery RouleauThomas Weisenbach
Dennis CarrollDoug FiolaClare & David KaplanMarion & Rocco ModafferiDavid & Carter RountreeMargaret R. Weisker
James CarrollBarry R. & Lisa A. FiremanDavid M. KaplanA. H. MohaideenAnne M. & Michael RourkeKate Weisman
Larry CarrollTracy FirthJean C. KaplanAzeema MohaideenDavid RourkeScott Weiss
Robert CarrollClint FischRobert KaplanLaurie MohaideenSusan & Emil RouthierAdam B. Weissburg
Deborah CarrowLinda FisetZaven KaprielianNazr MohammedPeter J. RowdenChristine Wellens
Susan & Robert L. CarsonBarbara L. FishelHenry KaraAnn & Andy MolakKylee RowellParker Wellington
Rob CarusoMary E. FisherLeo & Barbara KarasJor MolchanGeorge Rowland, Jr.Brian Wells
Joseph Carvalho & Nina CarvalhoDouglas FishkindRichard KardellRich MolesworthGeoffrey & Susan RowleyPatricia Welsh
Nicholas CarvalhoGill FishmanMichael KardokBarbara & John MolinariBarbara RoyLauren Wendel
Victor & Maria CarvalhoKristina M. FiskeAndrew KarelisPeter & Frank B. MolloyDavid M. RoyJohn Wentzell
Wayne V. CasavecchiaAlice & Kevin FitzgeraldCharles & Sharon KarpRobert W. & Josephine F. MonaghanJanice P. RoyMary Werler
Casey FamilyBarbara A. FitzgeraldMichael KarrmannBethann MonahanLise RoyBruce Wessinger
Chris CaseyJames M. FitzgeraldMeg KasprakMatthew MonahanSteven RoyJames Wessler & Susan Goodman
Dave CaseyJeffrey & Diana FitzgeraldOlga KassarabaDonna R. MonteiroJames B. RoyalStephen Wessling
David CaseyBill FitzpatrickMadelon KasterGary MonteiroCarl RubinJeffrey & Amy West
Susan CasparJohn FitzpatrickMichael KauffmanMartin MontgomeryTed RudichSally West
Thomas CassSusan M. FitzPatrickKaren Sadowsky KaufmanBrienne MontyJames Rusche & Patricia EpperlyNancy Westbom
Albert S. CastelliTerese FitzpatrickJoseph H. KavanaghBonnie K. MooreSarah RushLaura C. Westmoreland
Dina CastigliaBill & Megan FlanaganJoshua KayDonna & John MooreEllen D. RussellEdward Wetmore
Marie M. CastroMichael FlanaganLinda KeanKaren MooreMarcy RussellBrenda M. Whalen
Julie CaswellMaureen FlaniganBrian & Theresa KeaneScott MoorePaul E. RussellSheila Whalen
Anna CataldoDenise R. FlatteryEileen KeaneTimothy & Deborah MoorePaul RussellHeidi & Bruce Whear
Nan M. CatesJohn FlessasGarrett P. KeaneDoryce M. MooseyKevin & Jill RuthYvonne L. Wheeler
Kathleen CaulfieldAnn FloodStephen & Diana KeaneyDavid MoranMrs. John G. RutkusJames L. Whipple
Paul F. CavicchioKaren FloodKevin KearneyJennifer A. MoranGregory C. RutledgeDan White
Edward & Joan CederholmRobert C. FlorekJames M. KeeLisette MoreeJohn & J.L. RutledgeEdward White
Joseph & Diane CedroneDenise FloydEdward KeefeChristopher MoreiraBetty RyanKathleen White
Linda A. CefaloJanet FlynnElizabeth & George KeefeDavid S. & D. S. MorelandCatherine RyanKevin White
Lucy CelaniCarl Foeller, Jr.Sharon A. KeefeLaurie MerencyDaniel RyanMark White
Susan Cerrone AbelyJames H. FogartyHoward KeeganJodie MorganKathleen Ryan & Peter L. SchneiderMichael White
Karen ChagnonDonna FoleyBill KehlbeckKevin MorganLindsay & Tom RyanPeter White
Doug ChamberlainHelen & Fred FoleyDavid H. KeithMargaret MorganMichael RyanSandra White
Evelyn & Douglas ChamberlainKevin & Elaine FoleyMr. & Mrs. Kyle KeldsenSusan B. MorganPamela S. RyanStephen H. White
Kathy ChambersSusan FoleyJoseph & Mary KeleherTim MorganMichael E. SabinDeborah Whitehair
Sara-Jane ChambersKristen FontaineMary KelleherMelissa MorganteRichard & Diane SabourinHeidi R. Whitehair
Wendy ChampignyRobert K. & Joan M. FontaineGreg KelleyJohn MoriartyJoyce M. Sabulis RipleyKaren L. Whiteknact
Kenneth L. Champion, Jr.Michael & Pamela FooteStephen & Elizabeth KelleyPatrick MorleyCarol L. SachsMary & William Whitman
Lucy D. ChampionMark ForbesSusan KelleyFaith & Richard MorningstarBurton & Gail SackSusan & Robert Whitney
Jason ChamplinKara FordThomas J. KelleyDoreen Morris & Bert H. HodgesBurton SackDexter Whittinghill
Janice ChanLisa M. FordCatherine KelliherHoward MorrisNaomi SacksJoe & Cindy Wickwire
Polly ChanCindy L. ForemanStephen KelliherLinda MorrisRonald SadowskyMichael & Jacqueline Widrig
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