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Professional Healthcare Referrals

Are you a medical provider or from a medical provider’s office?

More than 80 % of all medical care for dementia occurs in the primary care setting

89% of Americans want transparency regarding diagnosis


Early identification is key for research and clinical outcomes

Subjective memory complaints may or may not be the harbinger of further decline

Reasons to Refer


Patient & Caregiver Support/Education

a) Patient/family Care Consultation, an in-depth personalized service for individuals and families who are facing many decisions and challenges associated with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia

b) Referral to an Alzheimer’s Association support group

c) Referral to a behavioral health provider with expertise in dementia 

d) Information on socialization and activities e.g., group activities, local senior center activities, etc.

e) Referral to programs for people living with dementia e.g., early stage engagement


Medication Adherence

a) Advice on methods (electronic delivery, phone based applications and pill reminders) to assist with medication schedule

b) Advice needed for medication management

Home Safety & Self-care

a) Referrals to in-home care assistance

b) Supervised living options 

c) Home safety information and referrals e.g., MedicAlert/SafeReturn 

d) Assistance with connecting to supportive services to ensure safety

Mood & Behaviors

a) Assistance with identifying activities to increase socialization and interest

b) Referral to a behavioral health provider with expertise in dementia 

Financial & Legal

a) Information on elder law services for future planning

Transportation & Driving

a) Information on local driving assessment programs: RMV driving evaluation, hospital based clinic evaluation

b) Discontinuation of driving

c) Referral to low cost, accessible transportation options 

Incorporating Clinical Trials into Plans of Care
Cognitive Impairment Care Planning Reimbursement