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Bring your friends and neighbors together and engage your city/town leaders and local businesses. Pick a date in June to “go purple” and get as many people and businesses to join the fight against Alzheimer’s by raising awareness and funds for programs and research.

We welcome you to be creative and come up with your own plan! Here are some examples of how your community can “go purple”…



This is a really simple and fun way to get a lot of members of your community involved!

  • Have kids make signs, use sidewalk chalk, put up balloons and blow bubbles
  • Build your own stand or simply set up a table in your driveway, or ask permission to set one up at a business in the center of town!
  • Invite other families to join you, see how many stands you can set up around your community!
  • Ask your local grocery store if they can donate supplies!



Get a few volunteers to make big purple ribbons and hang them on your front doors, mailboxes, and telephone poles on main streets in your community. Swap out the lightbulb in your outdoor light fixture with a purple lightbulb. The more purple the more awareness we can raise!



Boutiques, hardware stores, auto shops, car washes, gas stations… Ask them to go purple by creating a special promotion, or donating a portion of proceeds to your community team! Here are a few ideas…

  • Shop to End Alz Pick a date, weekend or the whole month of June and donate a percentage of sales to your community team for The Longest Day event for the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • Dollars for Alz For a day, weekend, or the entire month of June, ask customers when they are checking out if they would like to make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association and add the donation amount to their total amount due. At the end of the event add up all the donations and donate it to your community team in honor of your customers
  • Round Up for Alz For the month of June ask customers if they would like to round their purchase up to the nearest dollar. Add up all of the extra change at the end of the month and make a donation to your community team.
  • Purple Promotion to End Alz Create or sell a special purple product or service with 100% of the proceeds donated to your community team for The Longest Day event.



Gyms and fitness studios around MA and NH will be offering classes with proceeds being donated to Alzheimer’s Association. Engage your local gyms and studios and get them involved, have their proceeds donated to your community team!

  • Purple Classes Pick a week or weekend in June, (or the entire month!) and turn select classes purple by donating the class fees to the Alzheimer’s Association. Create a fun competition between instructors and see who can raise the most money by getting the most clients to sign up for their purple class.
  • Host an Alz-athon Create your own all-day event! Pick a date in June and offer several time slots of the same class and challenge clients to sign up for as many sessions as they can for one set fee with all proceeds being donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.



Restaurants all over MA and NH are participating in The Longest Day. Ask your local restaurants to join your community team and donate a portion of their proceeds! Here are a few ideas…

  • Purple Menu Select a few menu items to “go purple” or create a special purple menu of appetizers, and/or entrees, and/or desserts for June, Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, and donate a percentage of the proceeds
  • Purple Cocktailz Create a fun purple cocktail for June, Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, and donate a percentage of the proceeds.
  • Alz Happy Hour Pick a week in June (or do it for the whole month!) and hold an after work “Alz Happy Hour” where a percentage of the proceeds from all appetizers and drinks go to Alzheimer’s.
  • Eating out to End Alz For one night of your choice, patrons can present a special coupon to their server that allows a percentage of their final food and beverage bill (pre- tax and gratuity) to be donated to Alzheimer’s.



Show your support for Alzheimer’s by wearing purple!



The beautiful and unique thing about The Longest Day event is that you are free to participate in whatever way you can! We welcome you to create your own plans!

Register your community team today, and then get in touch with the Alzheimer’s Association for additional support and materials:

Charlene Bemis
The Longest Day
Alzheimer’s Association


Step by step on how to register for Communities Go Purple.