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The beautiful and unique thing about The Longest Day event is that you are free to participate in whatever way you can!

Your event can take place any day in the month of June so please pick the day that works best for your team.

Choose an activity that you love, plan a day that has special meaning for you and your loved ones. The Longest Day is designed to be an inclusive event, so if you have a loved one fighting Alzheimer’s create a day where they are comfortable and able to be a part of it. If you have team mates of all ages, pick a few activities so everyone can participate. It’s all up to you!

The possibilities are endless! Host a movie marathon, do puzzles all day, play music and dance, bake your favorite cookies, paint or sculpt, go fishing, swimming, walking, bowling, read books, go through old family photos and take new ones, host a dinner party..… you get the idea! The Longest Day is all about love, do something that you love in honor of someone you love!

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The Longest Day