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Check this page in June for a list of Restaurants that are participating in The Longest Day and visit one in your area!



The beautiful and unique thing about The Longest Day event is that you are free to participate in whatever way you can! We welcome you to create your own plans! Here are a few ideas to consider…


Purple Menu

Select a few menu items to “go purple” or create a special purple menu of appetizers, and/or entrees, and/or desserts for June, Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, and donate a percentage of the proceeds.


Purple Cocktailz

Create a fun purple cocktail for June, Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, and donate a percentage of the proceeds.


Alz Happy Hour

Pick a week in June (or do it for the whole month!) and hold an after work “Alz Happy Hour” where a percentage of the proceeds from all appetizers and drinks go to Alzheimer’s.


Eating out to End Alz

For one night of your choice, patrons can present a special coupon to their server that allows a percentage of their final food and beverage bill (pre- tax and gratuity) to be donated to Alzheimer’s.



A Purple Table Reservation is designed for those who may have memory impairment, a hearing or vision impairment, Autism, or anything else that may require special accommodations. When patrons request a Purple Table Reservation it will let you know that their table needs a quieter spot, a little extra patience, and a little more love from their server to make their dining experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

By creating this experience, your community will recognize your commitment to providing exceptional service to ALL patrons, giving them a compelling reason to support your business. Learn how to register your restaurant today at www.purpletables.com so that you can accept Purple Table reservations.


 Step by step on how to register for Restaurants Go Purple