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Sandy’s Starters

We are proud to introduce a new tribute feature to the RIDE to End Alzheimer’s: Sandy’s Starters.

Sandy’s Starters is comprised of cyclists who have recently lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s disease. This special group will wear signature purple jerseys, will be recognized at the start of each of the three distances where a moment of silence will be held in honor of all those with Alzheimer’s, and they will then lead the riders over the starting line as they take off for the course.

This tribute feature was created in memory of Sandra Rosenbaum who passed away the week of the RIDE in 2017. Sandy’s Starters offers our caregiver cyclists support, comradery, and the hope that one day, through the funds being raised at the RIDE, we will have our first survivor.

Sandy’s Starters provides a moment to stop and reflect on why we have all come together and who we are fighting for before the challenge of the ride ahead.

A very special thank you to Sandy’s husband, Joel Berman and Iatric Systems for the very generous contribution to the 2018 RIDE to End Alzheimer’s. Joel was a passionate caregiver to Sandy, who found comfort and solidarity in participating in the RIDE in honor of his beloved wife, and was the inspiration behind creating this tribute feature.

If you have recently lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s, were their caregiver, and would like to be part of Sandy’s Starters, please complete this brief online form.


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