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  • Boston Marathon®
  • Boston’s Run to Remember
  • Falmouth Road Race
  • Cape Cod Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay
  • Max Performance Triathlon Series
  • Run Your Own Race

Team End ALZ is the official athletics program of the Alzheimer’s Association Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter. The program supports individuals of all abilities to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research, care and advocacy while completing a running or endurance event. Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it while collectively working towards our mission: to end Alzheimer’s disease.

Get involved today! Participate or volunteer in an upcoming event, and help make the dream of a world without Alzheimer’s a reality. If you would like to run your next race for the Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter, select one of our core events above or email us at cbemis@alz.org or call 617-868-6718. 

Thank you for your dedication to the cause and helping us #endALZ.



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Boston's Run to Remember, Half Marathon and 5-Mile Race
May 26, 2019

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