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Eat. Drink. End ALZ: Worcester

Now offered virtually!

Meet the Chefs

Tim Russo
Executive Chef, Lock 50

George Sakhat
Owner, El Basha


Venue Sponsor

Sponsors of Eat. Drink. End ALZ. have a unique opportunity to impact the success of the event while displaying commitment to the local community. At the Alzheimer’s Association, we take pride in offering mutually beneficial sponsorship packages that offer a wide range of benefits for participating companies and organizations. Interested in sponsoring Eat. Drink. End ALZ contact Catherine Leary at 617-393-2147. 

2020 Eat. Drink. End ALZ: Worcester Sponsors Levels & Benefits

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Eat. Drink. End ALZ: Worcester County

Participating Restaurants

Dinner Planning Committee

Lauren Aquino

Kimberly Ebb, Ph.D.

Melissa Hanson

Liz Joclyn

Amy Kotsopoulos

Lisa LaBoussiere

Jane Lizotte

Jon Salois

Melissa Sherry