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The Alzheimer’s Impact Movement (AIM) is the Alzheimer’s Association’s strategic partner in Washington DC. Working together, the Alzheimer’s Association and AIM have made Alzheimer’s a leading priority on Capitol Hill. Supporting AIM is an important part of the Association’s strategic plan.

There’s no more powerful way to encourage Washington to support the Association’s policy priorities than to support the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement. AIM can use advocacy tools and communications that the Alzheimer’s Association, as a 501(c)(3) organization, cannot. For example, AIM allows the Alzheimer’s community to engage in the political lives of our elected officials, ensuring that Alzheimer’s issues remain top of mind during the large portion of their time spent building political support and campaigning.

Something new and very important happened this past election cycle, and AIM was at the heart of it. In the lead up to our recent elections, AIM, joined with the Alzheimer’s Association in tireless work to ensure Alzheimer’s disease, entered the national spotlight on the campaign trail.

We succeeded!

Throughout Presidential, Congressional, and Gubernatorial campaigns, Alzheimer’s disease emerged as a key focus.

Beginning in 2015, Alzheimer’s advocates around the country engaged candidates and asked what they would do about Alzheimer’s if elected. In response, several candidates made note of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease.

President Trump responded personally to our advocate, Brenda Bouchard, in a televised town hall, pledging he would make Alzheimer’s a top priority of his Administration. Brenda was also there as presidential nominee Hillary Clinton released a plan to specifically address Alzheimer’s; a first in presidential history.

We worked tirelessly during Advocacy Forum, but our work is starting anew, as it always must and always will until we reach our goal. AIM is bringing the Alzheimer’s disease crisis to the attention of all our elected officials so they will take the actions we need. But how effectively AIM does so, depends on people like you and me — the heart of our movement. Join AIM today, and make a difference on Capitol Hill.